The Good

Here are the Good things for the Backdoor Theatre in the last year

  • Town of Nederland Support
    • As soon a the Pandemic was declared the town suspended the rent payment for the BDT while the theatre was not in operations. This allowed the BDT to weather out the Pandemic.
      • This allowed the BDT to plan to return to operations.
    • A Heating Ventilations and Cooling (HVAC) have been upgrade up support a CDC recommend Bipolar Ionization.
    • Purchase of an Electrostatic Disinfectant Handheld Sprayer for the Nederland Community Center.
  • The Backdoor Theatre is looking good.
    • The Theatre has been deep cleaned. Every seat have sanitized and power vacuumed.
    • The floor has been power washed.
    • There were 10 seats that have been broken over the years which have been repaired. Every seat is now a good seat.
  • The Christie Projector
    • A new 8000 Lumens bulb install
    • Projection completely serviced by the American Cinema Equipment technician. He comment the the projector and other equipment was in very good condition compared to a lot of other similar equipment he had worked on over the last year.
  • Backdoor Theatre Donations
    • After the March 2020 shutdown the BDT donated all our inventory of concession stock to the Nederland and Gilpin county foodbanks
    • In April 2020 Donated $500 to the Nederland Food Pantry